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Welcome to Trajan's Column
(formerly known as

Who We Are:

This site has been created to give the calligraphy students of Roehampton University of Surrey in  London a venue to show friends and family (and potential clients) their work. 

Litres of Chinese ink and gouche have flowed through our nibs since we all first began in September, 2001. Since that time, hithereto unbeknownst terms such as  "Trajan's column," "colophon," and "the Ramsey psalter" have now become part of our everyday speech. 

At present, this is simply a "photo album" type of web site, but we hope it may grow organically into something wonderful for all people interested in calligraphy. 

Trajan's Trivia: Our second term has ended, as well as our exhibition. Thus said, we at Trajan's Column shall be updating these pages with our newest work by the end of June. We also hope to include personal bios, pics, and contact information. Stay tuned! 

Maintenance: And though but a sapling of a scribe, this web site was created and is maintained by Ethan Gettman. Should  you have any questions or comments, please feel free toe-mail me at pantagrool "at" I shall respond with alacrity!





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