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About Ethan

From: Boston, Massachusetts, USA.
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I came to Roehampton in September, 2001 from Boston in the US. Though I've been familiar with calligraphy since the tender age of 12, I never took any classes until almost 20 years later. 

My coming to Roehampton was partially on a whim. You see, I was one of the many IT specialists that was axed following the dot-com bubble burst and found myself with a lot of time on my hands. I had always wanted to pursue my latent creative side and I enjoy living abroad so, coupled with my renewed interest in calligraphy, it sounded like the perfect match. And, well, here I am. (Or, there I was.)

You'll probably see that I'm an avid doodler and aspiring cartoonist. Ever since my first project, I've been trying to incorporate some drawings therein. I see myself continuing this trend for quite a while.


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Term One

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Term Two

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